Document List of 2/27/14 in Zeeh

1. D/L of 2/27/14

2. NOM of 2/27/14

3. Amended NOM of 12/4/13

4. Component of 2/27/14 of Motion of 12/4/13

5. Record of time and expenses 12/3/13, 16:30 , plus print, file and serve

Circuit Court of Cook County IL

More et al

v 10 M1 015265

Zeeh, et al

Component of 2/27/14 of Motion of 12/4/13 In Which Plaintiff, RJM 1.) Provides Notice That a.) as much as the capacity of RJM to accomplish at this juncture, in his prosecution of the case this document concerns ("this case") leaves RJM capable of accomplishing in re whereto, would be to herein respectfully demand that the standard and method of adjudication issues posted at: "" be "adjudicated in their entirety", which type adjudication correlatively constitutes as much as RJM would understand that it would be to which he could now justify consenting in re whereto, before any act not relating to the adjudication whereof would be executed, and b.) The version of this document which RJM could not afford to print (as this is only an abbreviated version of that document) and thus not to file or serve on paper by 3/4/14 will have been posted, Providence permitting, at: "thir.../zeehdl3414.html" by 9:00 a.m. on 3/4/14, with a URL reference in such document to a separate document chronicling RJM's endeavors to get his "presentation in this case for 3/4/14" filed, served on adversaries and processed thru such juncture, and that RJM herein provides notice that he is committed to having the phone whose number is 219 588-7738 on on 3/4/14 in order to be available to participate in adjudication proceedings in this case via telephone on such date, given that the security concerns RJM has addressed to various entities regarding court proceedings in the CCCC, IL, remain unresolved as of 2/27/14, and 2. Demands with Appropriate Disposition(s), a.) an Adequate Adjudication Whereof, on 3/4/14, 6/27/14 and/or any date(s) between, In Which the Entirety of the Content of Any and All Motions Filed Previously in this Case is Incorporated Herein by Reference as if Fully Set Forth Herein to the Extent any Given Demand Included Wherein, Respectively, would not have Been Superseded by Any Given Demand Subsequently Posited in Regard to Any Given Measure of Consideration Ever Sought in Any Such Motion

Now comes RJM to move this Court to grant the consideration referenced in the title to this motion

R.J. More