V 07 CH 29738

Richard Daniggelis et al

Notice of Intervention by right, and, in the alternative,

Petition for Intervention by Non-attorney, Robert J. More

I, Robert J. More, hereby give notice of my intervention by right for the following two reasons:

1) As you can see on the docket, I am a named party. (Note to the court: on docket, my name is misspelled: I am not 'MOORE ROBERT' but rather, the correct spelling of my name is 'ROBERT J. MORE' with one 'O' and not two.)

2) The 'COMPLAINT TO FORECLOSE MORTGAGE' filed on 10/17/2007, by Plaintiff, GMAC MORTGAGE LLC, states, in point 4. of its complaint, that Plaintiff acknowledges the existence of other unknown own interested parties, and hereby includes them in its lawsuit, naming them as defendants. Quoting GMAC, they admit as follows:

4. Plaintiff alleges that in addition to persons designated by name herein and the Unknown Defendants referred to above, there are other persons, and/or non-record claimants who are interested in this action and who have or claim some right, title, interest or lien in, to or upon the real estate, or some part thereof, in this Complaint described, including but not limited to the following:


That the name of each of such persons is unknown to the plaintiff and on diligent inquiry cannot be ascertained, and all such persons are therefore made party defendants to this action by name and description of UNKNOWN OWNERS and NON RECORD CLAIMANTS.”

Therefore, I give notice to the court and all parties that I intervene and participate as a matter of right. In the alternative, if this legal argument is deficient, I respectfully move this court for leave to intervene in the above-named case as a Prospective Intervenor.

Prospective Intervenor (“PI”), Robert J. More’s (“RJM's”) Proposed Third Component of 10/13/15 of Petition for Leave to Intervene Into This Case of 10/13/15 set for Monday, 11/16/15, at 9:30am, CST, in courtroom 1912, before Associate Judge, Sanjay T. Tailor, Law Division, to be Superseded, Retracted, Augmented, Supplemented, or Otherwise Modified Before or After Such November Date

Now comes RJM to move this Court to grant RJM leave to participate in the adjudication of this case as some form of intervenor wherein, for a number of reasons, a complete explication of which would necessarily be beyond the scope of this document but in regard to which an enumeration whereof would be provided upon RJM’s receiving a request and/or demand wherefore and/or in any foreseeable scenario, in future components of this document, and in support and explanation whereof, RJM avers and explains as follows:

1. RJM incorporates herein the factual predicates contained in the documents Prospective Intervenor G. W. Watts has filed in regard to the case this document concerns ("this case") and those legal arguments included wherein which are devoid of flattery and/or any other sinful content and/or illegitimate legal postulations as if fully set forth herein, while simultaneously declaring his disapproval of such material not so incorporated.

2. The primary reason for RJM's filing of this document is the concern of RJM to ensure the adequate coverage of that component of his moral liability as he subjectively apprehends it in regard to the matters this case concerns ("these matters") which correlates to the axiom: Qui nocentibus parcit, innocentibus punit. (Latin for: “He who spares the guilty, punishes the innocent.” Jenk. Cent. Cas. 126.

3. Secondary reasons for RJM's intervention endeavor herein include RJM's concern to ensure that there are funds from which RJM can collect judgments against both Daniggelis and his Attorney A. Galic for the (several) torts committed by each against RJM over the past five years and to secure the damages that RJM understands that Younes owes RJM for the tort liability he has incurred via injuries he has unjustifiably caused RJM, w/n such period, as well as the burden which RJM as an able-bodied citizen must continue to bear to contribute to the adequate coverage of the "Alter or Abolish" ("forms of government" which have become [at any given juncture of history] "destructive of the ends for which governments are [legitimately] established amongst men") provision of the Declaration of Independence, which document, of course, has, besides constituting an enabling document of the U.S. Constitution, been statutorily instituted into the U.S. Code. 4. In so many ways, such matters represent all that is presently so very wrong with the world.

5. The contents of documents already filed in various theatres by RJM in regard to these matters, and/or which regard problems related to this adjudication have all been compiled in one document which is (or soon shall tentatively be) accessible here:

6. RJM's initial demand in this filing is an adjudication of the "Standard and Method of Adjudication" documents posted in the entry of the same name in the Table of Contents of the website whose URL is provided in the entry immediately preceding this one.

7. Most recently in regard to RJM's endeavors to intervene in regard to these matters, Judge G. Scully issued an order in the Eviction Case related whereto transferring possession of Daniggelis' former residence to a Mr. J. Younes, without ever having issued any ruling in regard to the documents filed by RJM in that case, not even in regard to whether Daniggelis may have misrepresented his financial condition to the Court in contesting Younes' eviction action against him.

8. RJM is still endeavoring to get a document inviting him to demonstrate that he did not incur felony liability in utilizing such tactic delivered to him, which document can tentatively be accessed here:, before RJM endeavors to present a "Petition for the Issuance of an Indictment for a Violation of the Provisions of 18 USC 242" to the Federal Grand Jury assessing evidence of activity alleged to constitute Federal crimes in Chicago, IL, and RJM would put the reception of his present contact information to good use in such regard, as RJM would certainly never risk placing anyone not guilty of any crime in jeopardy of being subjected to any criminal prosecution, on the one hand, w/o on the other, risking leaving his "Qui parcit" liability inadequately covered.

9. RJM will be available via telephone on Monday, 11/16/15 at or about 930am, CST to participate in any proceeding conducted in regard to this document at: (608) 445-5181.

10. This Court can substantially expedite the participation of RJM in the adjudication of this case by issuing orders requiring the Cook County , IL, Sheriff to permit RJM unfettered access to the R. Daley Center, and the possession and use of (an) Electronic Recording Device(s) ("ERD") at all times at which RJM would ever be conducting activity upon Cook County, IL, property of any type, subject only to the limitations referenced in the IL Supreme Court's opinion in "People v. Clark."

11. To be continued, etc. as the prioritized burden(s) to which RJM is subject (see: Divini Redemptoris, 1937) may permit.

Wherefore, RJM herein respectfully moves this Court to grant the relief described in the title to this document.

Respectfully submitted,

Robert J. More, Heb. 10:31, 1 Cor. 10:13, Ja. 2:13, Rom. 12:21

Document List of 10/13/15

1. Document List of 10/13/15 - D/L of 10/13/15 X

2. Prospective...Third Component ...RJM ...Intervene.... X

3. Notice of Motion of 10/13/15 in.... X

4. Invitation to Judge G. Scully to Demonstrate Non-criminality of Abstention from Ruling....

5. Petition to Federal Grand Jury...for Indictment ...18 USC 242...George Scully

6. Proposed Release and Satisfaction...10/13/15....

7. Record of Time and Resources Consumed....X

8. List of URL's of Documents, Authorities and/or Acronyms Referenced in Main Document


Research, Organization, Composition of Documents - 10/12, 19:00 - 0:15, 10/13, 9:15 - 10:00 Posting, Filing, Service, Report, Posting

Entries adjacent to which there is an "X" have been included in document submission of 10/13/15 in this case

Certificate of Service

The undersigned, hereby certifies under penalties of perjury as provided by law pursuant to 735 ILCS 5/1-109, that the above notice and all attached pleadings were delivered to the following parties as indicated:

Clerk of the Circuit Court, Cook County, IL, Law Division

Andjelko Galic, Esq. (atty for Defendant, Daniggelis) (Atty No.: 33013) 134 N. LaSalle St., STE 1040 – (Email: and CHICAGO IL, 60602. Cell: 312-217-5433, FAX: 312-986-1810, PH: 312-986-1510

Gordon W. Watts URL: and (Email: and 821 Alicia Road, Lakeland, FL, 33801-2113. Cell: 863-4092109, PH: 863-688-9880

PIERCE & ASSOCIATES (Atty. for GMAC) (PA0715886) PH: (312) 346-9088 URL: Attn: Joseph J. Knopic, II, Esq., 1 North Dearborn St., STE #1300 CHICAGO IL, 60602

Richard Indyke, Esq. (312-332-2828 Atty for LaSalle Bank Natl Assn), John K. Kallman, Esq. (312-578-1515, atty for STG: atty no: 25182) 221 N. LaSalle St. STE 1200, Chicago, IL 60601-1305

STONE MCGUIRE SIEGEL, P.C. (Atty for JOHN LAROCQUE) PH: (847) 239-7555

Attn: Carlo E. Poli, Esq., 801 SKOKIE BLVD, STE #200, NORTHBROOK IL, 60062

KROPIK PAPUGA AND SHAW (Atty for 'MERS' aka Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc.) Attn: Charanne M. Papuga, / 120 South LaSalle Street #1500, CHICAGO IL, 60603. PH: (312) 236-6405

COHON RAIZES®AL LLP (90192) (Atty for STEWART TITLE ILLINOIS) Attn: Carrie A. Dolan, 208 S LASALLE#1860, CHICAGO IL, 60604. PH: (312) 726-2252

Stewart Title, Attn: Leigh Curry 2055 W. Army Trail Rd., STE 110, Addison, IL 60101. PH: (630) 889-4050

KING HOLLOWAY LLC (Atty. for Joseph Younes) Attn: Peter M. King, Esq. One North LaSalle Street, Suite 3040, Chicago, IL 60602. PH: (312) 780-7302 / (312) 724-8218 / Direct: (312) 724-8221

Peter King (Atty. for Joseph Younes) (Atty. No.: 48761) c/o: King Holloway LLC, 101 N. Wacker Dr., STE 2010, Chicago, IL 60606

Joseph Younes Law Offices / 120 W Madison St Ste 1405, Chicago, IL 60602-4128. Phone: (312) 372-1122, Fax: (312) 372-1408 Email:

Craig A. Cronquist, Esq., c/o: Maloney & Craven, P.C. (Attys. for Joseph Younes) 2093 Rand Road, DesPlaines, IL 60016

Paul L. Shelton, Pro Se, 3 Grant Square, SUITE #363, Hinsdale, IL 60521-3351.,

Paul L. Shelton, 10 North Adams Street, Hinsdale, IL 60521.,

David J. Cooper, 3622 N. Fremont St., Chicago, IL 60613

MERS (Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc.) P.O. Box 2026, Flint, MI 48501-2026

MERS (Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc.), 1901 East Voorhees St, Suite 'C' Danville, IL 61834-4512 – Hours: 8a-430p (CST)

MERS (Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc.) a nominee for HLB Mortgage, Janis Smith – (703) 738-0230 – Email: Vice President, Corporate Communications, Sandra Troutman (703) 761-1274 – Email: – Director, Corporate Communications

1595 Springhill Rd., STE 310, Vienna VA 22182. PH: (703) 761-0694 / (800)-646-6377

I, Robert J. More, the undersigned, hereby certify under penalties of perjury as provided by law pursuant to 735 ILCS 5/1-109, that the above notice and all attached pleadings were served upon all parties listed above, this 13th day of October, 2015 by the following methods:

I am serving all parties by electronic filing, using the court's electronic filing system.

I am contemporaneously serving all parties by email, as indicated above.

Internet: I shall, when practically possible, post a TRUE COPY of this filing – and related filings – online at my official websites, infra.

I am not serving any party by hard copy due to the fact that it is a morally and financially unfeasible burden for which I am not morally obliged to waste the nonrenewable limited resources for which I am an humble steward. Let this statement serve as notice as to whom I have and have not served.


Date: Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Intervenor Non-attorney Robert J. More

P.O. Box 6926, Chicago, IL, 60680-6926. PH: (608) 445-5181



Date: Tuesday, October 13, 2015