----Copy of documents delivered to Clerk of Court of Superior Court of Saint Joseph County, IN on 5/13/16, except that copies actually submitted had Robert J. More’s signature whereupon at the end of both the complaint and promissory note

/s/Robert J. More ----

Superior Court of Saint Joseph County, IN

Robert J. More, Plaintiff, Plaintiff For Third Party Plaintiff’s…et al


University of “Notre Dame” et al

Document List of 5/13/16

Doc List of 5/13/16 X

Civil Cover Sheet X

Initial Component of Complaint of 5/13/16 X

Promissory Note X

Proposal re Waiver of Summons in a Civil Case

Waiver of Summons in a Civil Case

Subpeona Duces Tecum Issued on to Defendant Mr. B. Soetoro Demanding Production of Evidence of Regarding Misappropriation of Funds

Subpeona Duces Tecum Issued on UND President J. Jenkins Demanding Production of Records in re Misappropriation of Funds

Subpeona Duces Tecum Issued on Joseph Biden re Participation in Misappropriation of Funds

Preliminary Petition to ISMA CLT of 5/13/16 for Issuance of Nihil Obstat re “RJM v University of ‘Notre Dame’ et al”

Provision of Notice of Email Address to Which Persons Possessing Interest May Submit Documents…

Proposed Settlement Offer of 5/13/16 to Univ. of Notre Dame, John Jenkins, Joseph Biden, John Boehner, Fr. Donald Wuerl

Memorandum of Points and Authorities Regarding Third Party Standing of 5/13/16

Notice of Intent to Present Evidence to (Special) Grand Jury….

“Decl. Unconstitutionality …RJM”

Proposed Verified Statement of John Jenkins of 5/13/16

Notice to Judges, Clerks, Security LEO’s, Retained Attorneys in re “More et al v UND et al”

First Superseding Component B/4 1200 on 5/15/16 of Complaint of 5/13/16

Report of 5/14/16, 5/30/16, 11/15/16 in re More et al v UND et al

Notre Dame Desecration Rectification Project Online Docket


Second Superseding Component by 11/15/16 of Complaint of 5/13/16

ISMA Complaint Form

Prevention/Mitigation of Damages Record

Notice of Unwillingness to Defer to Demonstrably Demonically Instigated Activity Including F & F Such Type Activity Perpetrated by Government Officials and the Khazars Who Push Their Buttons and Pull Their Strings

21. Master Document List for More v U’ND’ et al

Entries included in the list included herein supra adjacent to which there is an “X” have been submitted for filing on 5/13/16

Superior Court of Saint Joseph County, IN

Robert J. More, Plaintiff, Plaintiff For Third Party Plaintiff’s Whose Class Members Are Defined As All Baptized Children Not :Possessing The Use Of Reason Prior To The Feast Of The Ascension Of 2018, Plaintiff For Third Party Plaintiff’s Whose Class Members Are Defined As All Octogenarian Notre Dame Alumni Too Feeble To Oppose The Notre Dame 2016Commencement Obamanation/Predation, Plaintiff For Third Party Plaintiff’s Whose Class Members Are Defined As All Members Of Any Policing Entity Who Would Understand That They Would Be Obliged To Refuse To Comply With Any Order Which Would Require Them To Interfere With Either Any Morally Legitimate Vigilante Measure(S) Which Would Ever Be Executed For The Purposes Of Either The Vindication Of Legitimate Reliance Interests Created By The Interplay Of The Activity Of The University Of Notre Dame (“UND”) Both In The Oral And Inscripted Conveyances Thereof And In Its Activity In Which No Declaration May Have Been Consciously Intended, But In Regard To Which A Reliance Interest Would Have Accrued From Activity Conducted In (A) Given Instance(S)Which In Some Form It Could Justifiably Be Claimed Would Have Constituted Implied Assertions Of The Intentions Of The UND, And In Regard To Which The Actors Who Have Relied Upon Conveyances Of The UND Would Have Justifiably Relied, And The Activity Of Such Actors In Response Thereto, And/Or Any Morally Legitimate Endeavors To Exercise Any Constitutionally Protected Liberty And/Or Property Interest, Which Would Concern The Inalienable Right To Life Of All Human Persons From The Moment Of Conception Unto That Of Natural Death Upon Among Other Basis, The Indisputably True Claim That There Is No Such Thing As An Absolute Property Right Of Any Type, Much Less Such Type Right On Property Housing Federal Depositories And Subsidized By Federal Funds, Plaintiff For Third Party Plaintiff’s Whose Class Members Are Defined As Whose Legitimate Reliance Interest Will Have Actually Or Evidently, Allegedly, Been Disregarded And Defrauded If Claimant To The Office Of The VPOTUS Mr. J. Biden and/or Mr. John Boehner, Receive(s) Anything Other than (a) Criminal Summons(es) For Treason from the UND, But Whose Concerns To Avoid The Consequences In Terms Of Retaliation Of Affirmatively Opposing Such Measures, Would Have Chilled Such Persons Into Silence In This Regard, Plaintiff For Third Party Plaintiff’s Whose Class Members Are Defined As Those University Of Notre Dame (“UND”) Alumni, Students, Faculty And Staff Who May Have Incurred A Measure Of Interference With Their Mental Tranquility, Mental And/Or Emotional Distress From The UND 2016 Commencement Which Would Not Be Less Than The Measure Of The Injury In Such Regard According To Which Persons Claiming Such Type Injury(Ies) In Indiana Have Recovered Damages And/Or Procured Injunctive Relief In The Past, But Who - Would Imputable To Whatever Combination Of Concern(S) To 1.) Keep Their Activity Within Their Understanding Of The Motif Described In Col. 3:3, 2.) Avoid The Appearance Of Impure Motives In Seeking Legal Relief In Regard Thereto, 3.) Avoid Encountering The Type Of Retaliation Which Has So Often Accompanied The Active Opposition To Evil Which Is Non-Token In The Theatre Of Earthly Existence, 4.) Ignorance Of Legal Thresholds, Procedures, Principles And/Or Practices And/Or 5.) Any Other Such Type And/Or Similar Or Related, Motivation, - Not File The Type Of Complaint In Which This Caption Is Contained, Plaintiff For Third Party Plaintiff’s Whose Class Members Are Defined As Those The Members Of The Congregation Of The Holy Cross Who Do Not Fit Into Any Of The Classes Defined Herein Supra, But Whose Injuries Are The Same Or Similar To Those Of The Individuals Described Herein Supra, Most Especially, The Elderly And Disabled Infirm Members Thereof In Regard To Whom The Concern To Not Have Perpetrated Upon Them The Type Of Expulsion Without Any Provision For His Sustenance Fr. John O’Connor O.P. Had Perpetrated Upon Him By The Dominican Province Of Which He Had Been A Member For Decades Prior To Such Expulsion, Plaintiff For Third Party Plaintiff’s Whose Class Members Are Defined As Those Individuals Who As Of The Moment Of The Filing Of This Complaint Have Still Not Filed Any Complaint Against The UND Re The UND 2016 Commencement, Out Of A Concern To Not Cause The Task Of Procuring Relief In A Legal Proceedings In Presently Operative “Non-Common Law Courts” Re The UND 2016 Commencement By Those They Presume To Be More Knowledgeable And Skilled In The Law Than They Understand Themselves To Be (“Those More Capable In The Law”) To Be Made More Difficult By The Filing Of A Complaint Of Lesser Potency Than A Complaint Which Might Be Filed By Those More Capable In The Law


v Case # 3

University of “Notre Dame” (“U‘ND’”) , President of U‘ND’ Mr. J. Jenkins, Any and All Administrators of the U‘ND’ Who Have Used any Wire or the Mail to Perpetrate Any Fraud Regarding the U‘ND’ Commencement Ceremony of 2016, Present Claimant to the Office of the Presidency of the united States of America – Mr. Barry Soereto (aka B.H. Obama), Present Claimant to the Office of Vice President of the u.s. of A. – Joseph Biden, John Boehner, Fr. Donald Wuerl, Haines Clothing Manufacturer, Champion Sportswear, Russell Sportswear, Fruit of the Loom Clothing Manufacturer, Wilson Sportswear, Saint Joseph’s County Sheriff, Saint Joseph County Sheriff’s Department Deputies, South Bend Police Department, United States Marshal Service, Federal Bureau of Investigation, John Doe Policing Entity to be Named When Identity Ascertained (Anti-Defamation League, Mr. Abraham Foxman, Rothschild Family Members John and Jane Doe’s #1-40, Rothschild Banking Empire and Affiliates – All Trespass On The Case Defendants Who May or May Not Be Kept in Case, Depending on Inter Alia, Relief Could be Procured Without Keeping Them in the Case),

Initial Abbreviated Component Of 5/13/16 Of Complaint Of 5/13/16, To Be Soon Superseded and Repeatedly Replaced by Future Superseding Versions Thereof, As the Adjudication of Such Complaint Proceeds to the Extent RJM’s Participation in the Litigation It Concerns Would be Necessary in Order for RJM to Procure a Nihil Obtat from the ISMA Common Law Tribunal Regarding the Matters It Concerns in Order to Adequately Protect and Vindicate the Demonstrable Interests of the Catholic Cause in re the Matters this Document Concerns

Preface: 1. But for the Actionable Fraud, Counterfeiting and/or Debauching of the Currency and Violations of Countless Other Provisions of Various Criminal Codes which have been perpetrated by the Rothschilds, the members of the Other Nine Khazarian Banking Families and the Rest of the Committee of 300, and the Actionable Participation Wherein, Respectively, of Countless Slavemaster Class, Neo-Nazi, Goyim Enslavers and Exterminators, the filing of this complaint would never have been necessary, and but for the Tortiously Actionable Activity of the rest of those listed as Defendants in this complaint, it would not have to have been filed in regard to any and all tortious activity conducted by any of such individuals, respectively.

It is being filed on the Gideon v Wainwright, bare bones, no provision for any toleration for the prevention of the remedying of the evils and injuries it concerns attributable to any alleged and/or actual lack of compliance with any given procedural requirement in regard to which any such type claim of alleged lack of such type compliance might ever be posited, and with notice of intent to bring any and all deficiencies ever demonstrated into a condition in which adequate compliance with all applicable rules and requirements would have been accomplished.

The entirety of the contents of Case # 3 09 CV 221, filed in the USDC for the ND of IN in 2009 are incorporated herein by reference as if fully set forth herein, with dates and names modified where necessary in order to adequately effectively bring such contents into applicability in regard to this complaint


This soon to be superceded, complaint filed in the most abbreviated and skeletal initial version thereof, form, in which it is being filed on 5/13/16 pursuant to Robert J. More’s (“RJM”s) understanding of the application to the activity of RJM in the circumstances of His Majesty, Christus Rex’es permissive providence presently extant of the requirements of the mandate issued in Jn. 21:15 to St. Peter and in Matt. 28:20 to all of the First Apostles, and through vehicle(s) of the Roman Catholic Doctrines of Perpetual Papal Succession and Apostolic Succession, respectively as such apply to the activity of RJM and persons similarly situated, as such requirements

have been subjectively ascertained by RJM via reference to the teaching of the Identifiable Non-counterfeit Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church (Matt. 16:18) , most especially through the promulgations of Pope’s Pius IX, Leo XIII, Pius X and Pius XI, and in particular in the Encyclicals Humanun Genus, Rerum Novarum and Sapientiae Christianae of Pope Leo XIII, and Quas Primas Mit Brenneder Sorge and Divini Redemptoris of Pope Pius XI, and in the spirit of among other agendas, that described in NAACP v Burton (_U.S._) (describing the multiple legitimate purposes of civil litigation other than solely the procurement of monetary damages for private wrongs causing unjustifiable injuries) concerns, had to be filed in a most abbreviated form due to several causes not completely within RJM’s control and RJM is committed to presenting a Petition for the Issuance of a Temporary Restraining Order to the USDC for the NDI, South Bend on 5/15/09 or 5/16/09 and needs instructions in regard to the procedure via which litigants can procure an audience in the USDC for the NDI, South Bend, between the hours of 4:00 p.m. on Friday and 9:00 a.m. on Monday, in case RJM cannot procure such on 5/15/09 during ordinary court hours.

6. RJM is proceeding on Plaintiff For Third Party Plaintiff basis for the Parties identified in the caption to this complaint and will explicate the causes RJM is bringing in this case on 5/13/16 once RJM can file electronically.

7. This “…Complaint of 5/13/16….” is being filed according to the liberal notice pleading standard applicable to cases filed in State and/or Federal Courts for the purposes of ensuring that it is filed soon enough for RJM to litigate the issue of the TRO he seeks to procure prior to Sunday 5/15/16.

8. No statute of limitations issues regarding the multiple forms of monetary damages which RJM will seek if Biden and Boehner are awarded any award on 5/15/16, are present at any point in the near future, but if either receives any award, RJM will seek monetary damages on the basis of reckless infliction of severe emotional distress, detrimental reliance, fraud, tortious interference with the net worth of an alumni of the UND and of the value of such person’s estate, attractive nuisance on behalf of all baptized children not possessing the use of reason, a variation of an implied warranty of merchantability, and possibly civil RICO, among other legal theories for recovery for injuries which would be unjustifiably caused should the U ‘ND’ permit the “Commencement of 5/15/16” plans to be implemented.

9. This Court Possesses Jurisdiction Over All Of The Private Party Defendants (“PPD”)’S Included In The Case This Complaint Concerns (“This Case”) Upon The Basis That There Exists A Complete Diversity Of Citizenship Between Robert J. More (“RJM”) And Every One Of The Individual PPD’s Named Herein (presuming Soereto/Obama now is considered to reside in Washington, D.C. and if this not the case, RJM might dismiss him from this case) Which Confers Jurisdiction Upon This Court Pursuant To The Provisions Of 28 USC 1332 and/or (RJM cannot recall the SCOTUS cases authorizing jurisdiction of State Courts over federal claims at this moment, but will provide such in the future), Since The Damages Sought Herein Are Over $7500.00, And For All Claims Including Allegations Of Conspiracy With Government Actors To Accomplish The Perpetration Of Deprivation(S) Of Constitutionally Protected Life, Liberty And/Or Property Interests Under The Color Of Law And Pretext Of Legitimacy Which Are Actionable Pursuant To The Provisions Of 42 USC 1983, 42 USC 1985(2), 42 USC 1986, The Bivens Doctrine, 18 USC 1961 Et. Seq. Upon The Basis That Such Claims Of Such Conspiracy Would Bring This Complaint Under both State and Federal Jurisdiction Because This Court Possesses Authority Pursuant To 28 USC 1343 Over Claims Actionable Pursuant To The Provisions Of 42 USC 1985 And 1983 .

10. This Court Possesses Jurisdiction Over All D’s Included In This Case Who May Be Sued Due To Their Conduct In The Execution Of The Authority Of A Given Government Office Regarding The Matters Concerning The Torts Which May Be Perpetrated And/Or The Tort Liability Otherwise Incurred as of 5/15/16, And Of Political Subdivision(S) Of IN, D’s Via The Machinery Of 42 USC 1983, 1985(2), 18 USC 1961 Et Seq. Pursuant To The Provisions Of Applicable State and Federal Constitutional Provisions and/or Laws, (28 USC 1332 And 28 USC 1343 And Against The Federal Actors Included In This Complaint Pursuant To The Provisions Of 28 USC 2671 Et Seq And The Bivens Doctrine.

11. This Court possesses jurisdiction to grant the declaratory and injunctive relief RJM herein seeks pursuant to applicable equitably principles (the provisions of 28 USC 2201 and 2202).

Count #1 - Reckless Infliction Of Severe Emotional Distress

13. Plaintiff Herein Complains That D’s U ‘ND’, President Jenkins and other D’s Have Conducted Activity Conducted By Them During The Period Of 3/20/16, in Committing to the Conferring of a Laetare Medal upon J. Biden and J. Boehner, Until The Present, At A Standard Of Accountability Which Has Not Been High Enough For RJM To Not Have Incurred Severe Emotional Distress Therefrom In Their Executing The Respective Acts Which Directly, Or Indirectly But Not Outside Of The Sphere Of Tort Liability Applicable Thereto, Resulted Which Distress Was Entirely Foreseeable.

The Damages Sought In This Count Are Over $75,000.00, but the U ‘ND’ can ensure the dismissal of this complaint by either rescinding such awards, or removing the statue of the BVM from the dome of its Administration Bldg and removing her name from its name.

Count #2 Injunction to Prevent Interference with Any Endeavor to Cover the Statue of the BVM with a black Funeral Crepe on 5/15/11

Plaintiff herein moves this Court to issue an order enjoining any interference with any endeavors that might be undertaken to cover the statue of the BVM with any type of covering on 5/15/16 if the U “ND’ does not disinvite Soereto/Obama.

Plaintiff Demands Trial By Jury In This Case.

Plaintiff Avers That All Factual Averments Contained Herein Are True And That Any And All Claims Based Upon Information And Belief, That He Verily Believes Such To Be True.

Robert J. More]

Life Is Fragile, Handle With Prayer, And Even Beyond The Ordinary Tender Loving Care To Which The Weakest And Most Vulnerable Are Entitled, When A Situation Arises Such As The Teresa Schiavo Disability, All Of The Stops Must Be Pulled Out And The Type Of Red Carpet Treatment His Majesty Himself Has Demonstrated For His Creatures In Becoming Man And Redeeming The Many (Et Multos) Cannot Remain Not Provided Without In Any Non-Provision Thereof, Betraying Everything Truly Catholic.

Promissory Note in Regard to Robert J. More v Univ. of Notre Dame Complaint of 5/13/16

I, Robert J. More (“RJM”), to herein aver under penalty of perjury that if the filing fee for the filing of this complaint does not end up getting paid by the University of Notre Dame and/or any of the other Defendants included in the case this document concerns, and/or any benefactor who might decide to remit the fee wherefore; that within the limits the moral law would permit in this regard, that it will be paid by RJM out of what would constitute RJM’s share of what is recovered upon the divestiture of the control of the money supply of the nominal u.s. of A. and the hundreds of trillions of dollars in unjust enrichment amassed by the Rotshchilds, et al ("the members of the other Nine Jewish Supremacist banking families", "Committee of 300", "Global Plantation Owners", “Khazars” etc. etc.) since the Patently Unconstitutional Enactment of the Federal Reserve Act ("FRA") and prior to that any treasonous and/or otherwise criminal frauds, artifices and/or subterfuges ever used to procure resources from 1789 to the date of the Enactment of the FRA, by the members of such groups

/s/ Robert J. More